What to visit in Pula – Nora archaeological site

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Take a short pause during your beach holiday in Pula, Southern Sardinia, to visit Nora archaeological site! One hour is enough to tour the whole Phoenician site but allow yourself 2 hours to include a visit to the Spanish watchtower “Coltellazzo” with its breathtaking view of the sea and the lagoon of Nora, once used as a natural harbour.

What to visit in Pula – Nora archaeological site

Do not forget to bring along your best photo device and comfortable footwear. The site was a Phoenician commercial hub, later conquered by the Romans, now rich in ruins and artifacts visible on land and under water upto 70 meters off shore, an area once part of the dry land. A paradise for divers and snorkelers.

Today on Tripadvisor 169 International visitors of the archaeological site have reviewed Nora with top marks and rate it as “excellent”.

Nora Pula

Nora is located on the coast at 34 km south of Cagliari, only 4 km past Pula. Nora is easily accessible by car, bus and bicycle on dedicated lanes. Just before arriving to the site and next to the Church of Saint Efisio (famous location of the Saint Efisio feast and procession on the 2nd and 3rd of May) there is a large parking area. To avoid fines, do not forget to pay and display your parking ticket! (May through to October).

According to most, sunset is the best time to wonder on the roads paved by the ancient Romans; the rays of the setting sun enhance an orange-gold hue to the ancient stones and the mosaics of the domus and to the surrounding sea waters, while the heath of the Summer is less oppressive.

Nora Pula Roman ruines

Enjoy a 45 minute professional guided tour though the already excavated inner town of Nora (part of the site is still under excavations by archeologists). The explanation of the day-to-day life of the ancient inhabitants of Nora it is fascinating and able to capture the attention of both adults and children.

Nora was founded by the Phoenician 3000 years BC and served as a commercial hub for their trades in the Mediterranean area. Conquered by the Romans rose its importance in the II and III century – 8000 dwellings!

The beautiful theatre with the scenery of the sea is almost undamaged, some of the mosaics of the patricians villas are in good conditions, the columns of the Temple of Esculapio are still visible, and there are several very well preserved ruins of the Punic headquarters, the thermal baths, the cisterns, the aqueduct, the drains and  the marketplace.

Nora Archaeological site

The ticket to the archaeological site of Nora is also valid for a visit to the nearby Spanish watchtower “Coltellazzo” with its unique view over the sea.

Every summer at nightfall (July through to August) the ancient Roman theatre of Nora hosts musical, ballet, poetry and other artistic events.

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Summer opening times 10:00 a.m.- 8:00 p.m.

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