We respect the environment | Lantana Resort 4* Pula-Sardinia

We respect the environment


Sensitive to environmental matters, we’re among the first accommodation facilities committed to the development of a sustainable tourism on the island. For this reason, in the Apartment Hotel we have installed over 400 sqm of photovoltaic panels in order to generate clean energy and solar panels to generate hot water.

Eco friendly hotel

Concerned about waste and raw materials

Near the covered parking, in a corner of the garden, there’s a waste sorting area: here, the hotel apartment guests can dispose of their waste into the special containers for paper, plastic, glass, cans, unrecyclable dry waste and organic waste.

At the Lantana, our cuisine aims at sustainable food consumption: for this reason, when it’s possible, we choose organic and “zero kilometre” products, seasonal and Sardinian fruit and vegetables to prepare our breakfast buffet, light-lunch and dinner.

Through composting, a lot of food waste is recycled to fertilize the garden plants, whose cultivation follows the principles of integrated pest management.

The rooms and apartments are equipped with an intelligent system that prevents useless energy dispersions, by stopping the air conditioning upon opening of windows and doors.

All the accommodation is equipped with systems to limit the consumption of cold and hot water (double flush for toilets and taps with a single mixer) and with master lighting switches.

The optimal heat insulation of the environment is guaranteed by the use of certified POROTON® sustainable construction systems.