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Fourth-generation hoteliers


Among the most renowned Italian hotel entrepreneurs, the Gallia’s have been passing down the baton of the management of their family hotels and have been opening new accommodating facilities for 4 generations.

the gallia hotelier family

Where it all started

Being in the right place at the right time

“Being in the right place at the right time, with a high level of service” was the insight that animated the activity of the forefather, Carlo Gallia, a pioneer indeed: a philosophy destined to remain the distinctive constant of the family, for the entire Twentieth century, until today.



Hoteliers in Milan

In 1932 Carlo Gallia, a native of Asti, takes over the management of the Hotel du Nord located opposite the Milan’s Central Station, followed by the Excelsior Hotel Gallia and the famous Hotel Continental located at Via Manzoni, in 1934, destination of the international leading figures at the time. At the Continental, a young Alberto Sordi worked as liftboy, before becoming the movie star that we all know and love.

The Gallias ---Hotel-Lantana

The booming Sixties

In line with the l’ésprit du temps

4 of Carlo’s children decided to follow their father’s footsteps by managing some of the hotels which entered the history of Italian hospitality: with the same far-sightedness, they contribute to launching some of the cult locations of the new Italian holidays in the years of the economic boom, such as Cervinia, Courmayeur and Punta Ala.


The initiation of Gianni Gallia at the Hotel Cavour

In 1963, his grandchild Gianni, son of Luigi Gallia, is appointed manager of the Hotel Cavour, a grand hotel in Milan, after concluding his training in the best European hotels: Claridge’s in London, Plaza Athénée in Paris, Bayerischer Hof in Munich.


In the up-and-rising holiday destinations

In 1972, he inaugurates with his wife Giovanna the Hotel Marina 2 on the Island of Elba, where he started his cooperation with the young chef Gualtiero Marchesi, rising star of the international cuisine. After the Island of Elba, came the hotels of the Island of La Maddalena, Courmayeur, Cagliari and Punta Ala, in a string of successful entrepreneurial hits in the best Italian vacation spots.


Sardinia, Lantana Resort: a dream come true

In 2003, Gianni and Giovanna Gallia returned to Sardinia to fulfil a life-long dream: opening the Lantana Resort in Pula, designed by treasuring the long and extensive experience acquired in the hospitality industry.

“Navigare necesse est” is his motto, being a passionate sailor along with his wife Giovanna and their children Valeria and Gigi, who are his travel companions in work, life and sailing.