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Tastes of Sardinia

sardinian cusine and local products

Grandma’s recipes and refined cuisine

At dinner, the chef offers a healthy, light and varying cuisine, inspired by regional traditions and experimentation and prepared with many seasonal vegetables and carefully selected local “zero km” meat and seafood products. At least once, during your holidays, you have to taste the lemon-flavoured lamb, a signature dish of the Lantana garden, cooked with a secret recipe of the cook’s grandmother, or the signature myrtle berry roasted piglet.
Don’t miss our incredible homemade pasta dishes, such as the traditional culurgiones, delicious spike-shaped ravioli filled with potatoes, fresh cheese and mint leaves, and the ravioli with goat or sheep’s milk ricotta (in the summer) and spinaches, or the pappardelle with field nettle, mussels and tomatoes. The innovative slow and low-temperature cooking methods (up to 24 hours and vacuum-sealed) allow to preserve all the food flavours and active ingredients: a single morsel of the baked gurnard or the mussel soup, of the calf’s cheek or the pork loin will amaze your taste buds with taste and softness. Finally, the wonderful homemade desserts: the limoncello or rhum baba, the lemon millefeuille and the myrtle berry sorbet. And, of course, the traditional Seadas (a hand made pastry filled with fresh cheese, deep fried and served with honey).

sardinian cusine and local products