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Sea & diving in Southern Sardinia


For those who love boat trips, snorkelling or diving to explore the shores and seabed, a holiday at the seaside in Sardinian offers a great variety of tours and routes.

snorkelling & diving – scuba diving holidays at the seaside in Pula

Here, just like on land, the marine and underwater worlds offers ever-changing sceneries for travellers: bays, caverns, sand and white or purple granite rocks, populated by rare varieties of fish and by school of marine organisms also originating from tropical seas. The wonders of the marine wildlife attract scuba divers from the entire Mediterranean area each year, together with the submerged wrecks and the amphorae scattered around the seabed near Villasimius and the pink promontory of Cava Usai, or right outside Baia Chia and in front of Capo Spartivento.

For those passionate about snorkelling, worthy of note are the tours near Pula, between Capo Spartivento, Cala Cipolla, Cala Zafferano and Tuerredda.

At Cala Cipolla, seven fire red coloured shores, populated by marine creatures, spread down up to a 25-meter depth.

Not to be missed are also the light blue caverns of Cala Zafferano, the shores, shoals and wrecks of Capo Teulada and Isola Rossa.

On the opposite side, east of Golfo degli Angeli, between Capo Carbonara and Capo Boi, scuba divers and sailors can admire the beauties of the marine protected area and, with a bit of luck, they can encounter dolphins and turtles.