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People who make the Lantana Resort special

Our team

We provide memorable holidays.

Special people for special Guests.

Gianni and Giovanna Gallia are the creators of the resort's hospitality. Today, they continue to be a source of inspiration for all employees.
Great travellers and experienced managers, they have created an atmosphere that is both sophisticated and familiar at the same time.
Their heirs, Valeria and Gianluigi, building on the experience they have gained over the years, follow in their parents' footsteps and, with their personal touch, promote an international and up-to-date corporate culture.

The jewel in the Resort's crown: the Team.

The human factor cannot be replaced by automation. People are important.
The Lantana Resort team is made up of passionate professionals who have had a long career at Lantana.
Attentive and caring for guests, they are involved in the Lantana Resort business project, whose values and challenges they share in the years to come.

A warm welcome. Fabio, the Resort Director oversees day-to-day activities.
A permanent presence, mindful of the privacy of guests. Together with his right-hand, Lisa, and the entire team, they ensure that guests experience the holiday of their dreams.

Immersed in his kitchen workshop, Chef Lorenzo shows his skills in public at food and wine events, which are a great success with Guests.
The Maitre d' and the restaurant's team of waiters love to tell you about Lorenzo's menu'll want to taste every course!

A face dear to our guests is that of Christian, the barman: it is thanks to his professionalism that you can enjoy the best cocktails, and you will always find him available for relaxing moments in our bar.

Simona, the Housekeeper, is another important figure for all the housekeeping staff, who dedicate themselves to the cleaning and decorating of the resort every day with great commitment.

Simone is our lifeguard. Top of our guests' reviews for the quality and clarity of the pool water.

The exotic colours and scents of the garden are the work of Venanzio, an expert gardener who deserves special mention for the longevity of his career at Lantana.

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